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Navigatio Travel


Wow! It is so exhilarating and exciting to be starting a new blog! At the moment I already have a blog, which I will tag later once this one has really kicked off (if it does, I’m not sure…), hopefully though.

So this blog will just be about previous travels, travels happening right now and travels to come, if you have any comments, things to add or just want a little shoutout.. just comment below! 

I chose the name ‘Navigatio Travel’ for my blog name as Navigatio is Latin for Travel. I felt this was an appropriate title as I’m currently studying Latin to help with my foreign languages: Spanish and French. In the future I hope to pick up more less common languages, such as Persian, Mongolian and perhaps Russian. If you have any language tips or advice, or just to let me know what you are studying – don’t hesitate to comment your thoughts below!

I will leave you with a little picture of a previous travel:

Try and guess where this was! Comment below,

– Navigatio Travel